Because the Hollywood Physique program is traditionally for men, I had to make a few modifications to suit me.  The first is the meal plan.  The recommended diet for a 5'0 tall man is 9 eggs, 10 ounces of meat (preferably steak) and as many vegetables as you want.  Since I am only 4'11, I modified the diet to 6 eggs, and 9.5 ounces of meat and as many vegetables as I want per day.
     Also, the Hollywood Physique plan requires that you do a cheat meal (1 hour long) every Sunday to spike your calorie intake and avoid plateaus.  Of course, on my cheat meals, all I want is some doughy, crunchy, fried CARBS!!  And for some reason, those types of food stick to me, making it hard to get ahead and get definition.  So in an effort to not stifle progress, I do the cheat meal every 9 days instead of every 7 days.  This is my second week of trying this technique.  I'll report back on how it works out in the next few weeks.
     Have you tried the Hollywood Physique program?  If so, what modifications have you made to it that have helped you out?

     I'm on Week 6 of Clay Rogers's Hollywood Physique program.  And I am SO thankful for the rest!  Week 6 is basically an active rest week after you've torn your body to shreds in the previous 5 weeks.  You really push yourself to the limit on this program.  But the great thing about it is that you only do so for about 30 minutes daily.  I like knowing that my pain and suffering will never last for very long!  I'm already feeling the physical and emotional reactions that Rogers's mentions . . . fear of your next workout as a biological mechanism (because you really do push it to the limit!), a little bit depressed (because you're bordering on over-exertion), and loads of increased strength!  I feel like I'm steadily beating personal records.  I can't wait to see what this program has in store for me after the full 26 weeks are up.  Have any of you completed this program?  If so, what did you think?
     Hello, everybody!  I'm currently on my "Happy Graduation from basic warfare school" tour of Scotland, Poland, and Ukraine.  On a whim, I chose Scotland for New Year's and as it turns out, Edinburgh's Hogmanay (New Year's Party) is the biggest winter festival in Europe!  For Scots, the New Year is a more important holiday than Christmas!  So Hogmanay is a huge street festival with rides and hundreds of fireworks set to music, and over 200,000 people manage to show up.  It's a grand time.  
     At any rate, I just wanted to pop my head in and tell you I'll be back to my regular schedule of blogging on Do24Days!  Get ready for some motivating stuff!
     Oh, and just a warning, don't be a casualty of New Years' Resolutions!!  (See below. . .) Cheers and warm feelings in days of "Auld Lang Syne!"
Don't be a casualty of New Year's Resolutions!
     I just wanted to add a little note. I've started training at The Basic School for the United States Marine Corps and that has caused a hitch in my Hollywood Physique workouts and dietary plan. For example, I now must focus on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, and that includes running 3 miles, doing a 70 second flex arm hang and performing 100 crunches in 2 minutes. Obviously, the Hollywood Physique program advises against those exercises, but I have to do them for my job.
     With respect to the diet, we rarely get time to sit down and eat chow, so I try to find whatever I can that's healthy. It's not always going to be the Hollywood Physique protein loaded steak and eggs. I miss that very much! :D
     I will try to update this blog as much as possible in the next 6 1/2 months while undergoing basic warfare training. If you've had to modify the Hollywood Physique program for yourself or your job, let me know how you did it and what were your results! Thanks!
     Part 1 of this challenge is COMPLETE! All in all, I lost around 8 lbs, starting with the first 5 lbs of weight loss coming from the 5 day juice detox period. Now I am back to my fighting weight of 107 lbs that I achieved at Officer Candidate School in Quantico. I NEVER thought I would be back at that weight because they were starving us in training . . . we had less than 10 minutes to eat meals before Sergeant Instructors would start to yell at us for moving too slow! Yikes! 
     But I HAVE gotten to that weight once more and that was WITHOUT STRAIN OR STRUGGLING! Perhaps it's my penchant for proteins and savory foods. So I really do enjoy eating the steak, eggs, and veggies that this diet requires. I can see how that can be stifling for someone who is not used to that diet or has a particularly large sweet tooth. 
     After seeing the weight loss results and ripped muscles gradually taking shape, I definitely am motivated to finish all 3 parts of this challenge. And I think Clay Rogers is a great teacher, who's main focus is actually to let others know there's really NOT MUCH TO THINK ABOUT. . . just do exactly what he says! Pictures will be posted of the transformation at 13 weeks! Let me know if there are any questions.
     Just had a question come up . . . "How long does it take to get abs?" Well, it depends on what kind of abs you want! For killer rock hard 6-pack abs, according to the Hollywood Physique for Men by Clay Rogers, it takes about 13 weeks of sustained, NO NONSENSE, work to failure exercising and Paleo-like dieting (with your 1-hr binge eating, of course). First, I would focus on losing the excess weight. 
     It's a fact, everyone has abs! And if you can't see them, it's 100% due to the fact that you've got a few pounds to lose, no matter how skinny you think you already are! If you can see your abs, but they're not as defined as you'd like them to be, then focus on your large muscle group exercises that require stabilization of the core. Rogers is anti-direct ab work because of their tendency to shock your central nervous system and grow your ab muscle (counterintuitive, but that actually causes them to GROW, making you look like you have a gut underneath your form fitting shirt).
     Ask me more questions! I'd be happy to answer.
     Today, we focused on legs. I could have pushed harder, but there's always this fear in my mind that I'll injure myself right before The Basic School. I've always tweaked my hip before and that was a long recovery period. I don't want to do it again but I know I won't get the results I want if I don't push myself.
          (a)     Back Squat (3 by 20) at 50 lbs

          Note: Increase to 60 lbs. Squat down even lower.
          (b)     Calf Press in Leg Press Machine/Standing Calf Raise 
          (3 by 20 + 3 by 20); 120 lbs and no weight

          Note: Today, I just went straight to the gym after work in 
          my boots and utes. Use your FiveFingers next time so you  
          can really isolate the inner calf muscle.

          (c)     Incline walk at 8% incline and 3.2 mph (12 min) 
     Surprisingly, it's not easy to eat junk food for an hour straight! Although, I was pretty impressive. At 107 lbs, I downed 1/2 of a 16 slice pizza, a side of hash browns, and 1/2 a stack of IHOPs new cinnastack pancakes!! I felt sufficiently gross afterwards and realized I still had 40 minutes left on the clock! So I laid on my couch because I felt sick for about 20 minutes, then proceeded to down 3 mini-cups of java, rocky road, and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. I didn't finish them, maybe about 1-3 spoonfuls of each. At any rate, I was not hungry for the next few hours.
     I did gain 2.2 lbs from that binge. And I was ravenous for food after that. I guess when you eat carbs it becomes easier to want to crave other things. Anyways, I stuffed myself so much, that I'm good without nasty non-warrior food until the next Hour of Power Eating . . . which is probably the point of it all (other than spiking your calorie intake). Next, I'm dreaming about Sizzler's Umami French Fries and a chili dog! They're already on my binge list!
     I am on Day 14 of following Clay Rogers' Hollywood Physique program. I lost 5 lbs in the first 7 days of following his program!
     At any rate, today, I did an incline walk for 20 minutes. Although Clay Rogers recommends listening to your One Song Playlist to get into caveman mode, I find that the time passes faster if I don't listen to music at all. Also, I've been following the high protein and fat diet for 6 days straight. I'm really excited for my HOUR OF POWER EATING tomorrow, wherein I get to eat whatever carbs and nasty junk food I want for a full hour!! I already know what I'm going to get: CINNASTACK PANCAKES from IHop and LA ROCCO'S SPECIAL from La Rocco's Pizzeria. Om nom nom nom nom . . . 
     Does anyone have any questions about the diet or workout plan in Hollywood Physique? Just let me know!
     Apparently, according to Clay Rogers, if you want great abs, DON'T DO AB WORKOUTS! This is because 1) abs are muscles, 2) if you work muscles, they grow bigger, 3) bigger ab muscles give the appearance of a gut when you put your shirt on, so 4) that defeats the purpose of working your abs out, because you probably wanted flatter looking abs.
     The other major reason Clay gives is that direct ab work is reckless and harmful. Since your core controls/stabilizes your entire body, that ab work is a big shock to your central nervous system. Clay references the work and research of Vince Gironda, professional bodybuilder, to support this premise. Could this be why so many people fail to ever achieve the coveted 6 PACK? Is it because they fail to buy into the counter-intuitive NO AB WORK AB APPROACH? 
     Clay also states that there's no way to get Ryan Reynolds' quality abs if you regularly drink alcohol. But I feel like I've seen people who get absolutely SLOSHED yet still have flat abs! So unfair! What do you think?