Because the Hollywood Physique program is traditionally for men, I had to make a few modifications to suit me.  The first is the meal plan.  The recommended diet for a 5'0 tall man is 9 eggs, 10 ounces of meat (preferably steak) and as many vegetables as you want.  Since I am only 4'11, I modified the diet to 6 eggs, and 9.5 ounces of meat and as many vegetables as I want per day.
     Also, the Hollywood Physique plan requires that you do a cheat meal (1 hour long) every Sunday to spike your calorie intake and avoid plateaus.  Of course, on my cheat meals, all I want is some doughy, crunchy, fried CARBS!!  And for some reason, those types of food stick to me, making it hard to get ahead and get definition.  So in an effort to not stifle progress, I do the cheat meal every 9 days instead of every 7 days.  This is my second week of trying this technique.  I'll report back on how it works out in the next few weeks.
     Have you tried the Hollywood Physique program?  If so, what modifications have you made to it that have helped you out?



Chad Aharon
03/23/2013 4:31pm

I would love to know more about the Hollywood physique.

03/31/2013 4:24am

I stumbled on the Hollywood Physique last week and would le to hear more about your results. Especially, as a woman, did you concentrate on other body parts compared to the males approach? In general I think the aesthetics concentrated on are good for women too,,,but I think I wouldn't mind working on my glutes more

chad aharon
03/31/2013 5:13am

sarah please email me at chadaharon@yahoo.com

05/21/2013 1:21pm

I will be interested to see how this works for you, but I'd like to suggest the possibility that if you're not getting lean as fast as you'd like perhaps you're actually going too light on the carb feeds, or not doing them often enough!

Doing a heavy carb feed should seriously up-regulate your metabolism and suppresses hunger- you should notice a higher body temp & very little hunger for days afterwards.

I suggest that these are critical to the leaning out process and aren't "cheating." Less often carb feeds might lower your metabolism, and increase hunger levels significantly during the rest of the week.


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