Hello, everybody!  I'm currently on my "Happy Graduation from basic warfare school" tour of Scotland, Poland, and Ukraine.  On a whim, I chose Scotland for New Year's and as it turns out, Edinburgh's Hogmanay (New Year's Party) is the biggest winter festival in Europe!  For Scots, the New Year is a more important holiday than Christmas!  So Hogmanay is a huge street festival with rides and hundreds of fireworks set to music, and over 200,000 people manage to show up.  It's a grand time.  
     At any rate, I just wanted to pop my head in and tell you I'll be back to my regular schedule of blogging on Do24Days!  Get ready for some motivating stuff!
     Oh, and just a warning, don't be a casualty of New Years' Resolutions!!  (See below. . .) Cheers and warm feelings in days of "Auld Lang Syne!"
Don't be a casualty of New Year's Resolutions!


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